Recette Vodka Malabars

Recette Vodka Malabars

Malabar vodkaDiscover the recipe for Malabars Vodka

Preparation time: At least 1 month

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  • Half a liter of Vodka
  • A bag of Malabars chewing gum

Presentation of Malabars Vodka

Ah the Malabars, those chewing gum from your childhood! This ingenious composition can make you relive the pure joys of the playground. If at the time, you shared your chewing gum with your classmates, tonight, you’re going to heat up the party with your friends. Be careful, this cocktail is so attractive that you will have trouble counting the glasses, vigilance is required!

Preparation of Malabars Vodka

To start, put a bowl in a double boiler over low heat. Break up the Malabars and put them in the bowl with 15 cl of Vodka and 10 cl of water. Stir regularly and collect the juice in the vodka bottle with the rest of the alcohol until only a paste of white chewing gum remains in the bowl. Close the bottle, then shake it vigorously before cooling the drink in the fridge. It’s ready !

Tips & Tricks

Be careful, choose resistant cookware (especially the funnel) to handle hot Malabars. Otherwise, they could melt.

To clean Malabars that get stuck to work tools, put them in the fridge for a while. Then just lightly scrape the stuck together pasta.

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