Recette Vodka Flanbolo

Recette Vodka Flanbolo

Flanbolo Vodka RecipeDiscover the recipe for Vodka Flanbolo

Preparation time: At least 1 month

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  • A bottle of Vodka
  • A bag of Haribo Flanbolo sweets

Presentation of Vodka Flanbolo

This gourmet drink will make your taste buds explode! It recalls the delicious pleasures of the flamby of our youth. This cocktail contains all the flavor in these little candies, adding more fun and relaxation. This drink with an inimitable taste is the star of the evening!

Preparation of Vodka Flanbolo

It is very simple. Take the bottle of Vodka and take out a glass to avoid overflowing. Introduce the Haribo Flanbolo candies previously cut in half to facilitate insertion and close the bottle. Shake the solution vigorously to trigger the dissolution of the candies, then leave to stand for several days. Shake well from time to time.

Tips & Tricks

To be served plain in a shooter or on the rocks!

If it’s too strong, you can add more water!

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